Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Philosophising over monkeys...

Sometimes I make a toy, and feel disappointed. I feel it really doesn't look good. I expect that all toys MUST be cute! But yet, sometimes, it just doesn't happen. It is REALLY disappointing.

But the thing for me to remember, is that it isn't about me. 

First, it must please the customer.

Then it must please the recipient's mother 
(most toys are ordered for children)

Then it must appeal to the child, or baby.

But wait, what does a child base their assessment on? Does a newborn, or very small child look at something the same way an adult does? I expect not. 

So therefore can draw a sigh of relief and keep those needles knitting...!

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  1. Great job... definitely keep knitting! I love the cute feet!


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