Friday, 21 August 2020

A new scarf pattern and so much more!

 I apologise for not being the most regular in posting updates of my work. But over the next few months, I will share my most recent work. The purpose of this blog is somewhat of a portfolio, so it can be seen what I have done... to give ideas of what potential customers could order.

Over time it has become evident that almost all my customers would rather order something personalised, to fit their own requirements, rather than something pre-made. I have thought of selling my work on pop-up market stalls, but so far, have had enough orders come my way, that I have kept pushing that idea to a back burner.

I would love to have people interact with me on this blog, but really, it rarely happens, so I see it as just a portfolio. But if you feel like commenting - please DO!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on my work!

I also love orders ☺

Recently someone was praising my work, and I said "the things that seem to grab the most attention, are items that customers have dreamed up. I am just the means to the end of their dream." 

That sounds like of pathetic in some ways, but yet, if you can't knit, or don't have the time, knowing someone like me can be real handy, right? 😄

Without further ado, let's see the first item I produced after a 10 week hiatus...

I had not made this scarf before, but LOVED how it came out! It was just so pretty! I like it when my customers have good taste - hehehe!

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  1. I love that one - it looks really soft - and it's really pretty, too! <3


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