Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Over the rainbow...

 Many people are unfamiliar with handcrafts. They may remember some old aunt, or grandparent who did such things, but have never learnt for themselves, or were never presented with such an opportunity.

My mother taught me to knit when I was a young girl, and I knitted up the obligatory scarf, but didn't really do more. Until I was in my late 30's, when I rediscovered knitting and started with yet another scarf!!! 😆

I have had customers ask me for an item which is crocheted. And I don't crochet. Much. Yet. 

However, many crocheted items can also be knitted, so it just means I need to search for a pattern if I don't already have one. 

I have HEAPS of patterns.

When you are as addicted to knitting as I am, you start to avidly collect them. 

Just in case!

Here is the result of one such request. It turned out just amazing!!!

The colours just went SO well together. 

I'm pleased to report that both my customer and I were VERY pleased with the result! 


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  1. It's very beautiful...nice colour combination, like you said! I'd say it's been worth your while to take up knitting again! ��


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