Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Love gift for me!

 As mentioned in a previous post, my precious sister passed away in mid-April this year.

So it has been a pretty rough year.

Grief is hard work.

Really hard work.

Then her birthday was 16th October.



On that day, I received a love gift.

Her name is Tilly, and October 16th is now a happy day, because it is HER birthday!

Tilly is my friend, sits beside me at my desk as I work.
No matter whether it is knitting, school work, writing letters, or managing posts for Betsy's Boutique.
She keeps me going with a smile and I often chatter to her! ☺

I hope you have a friend that you can talk to ☺

Especially that you have a friend who doesn't argue back 😉


  1. You are so cute together! I still think you need to get a pic with a jean skirt on and you would match perfectly! Love you!

  2. Love the part about not arguing back!! ��♥️


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