Wednesday, 23 December 2020

A beautiful bunny!

 It is quite plain that bunnies are my most popular large toy. 

It's been a while since I counted up how many I have made, 

but it must be getting to be quite a number now!

Bunnies can be made in so many colours, and with clothes, or not as the customer desires.

I enjoy them, for that reason, because each one is different, and has their own personality!

All in the pink!

Tilly enjoyed a few chats with a smaller friend 😊 

She does find it interesting to see who will come off my needles!

Covid has made some people very lonely, which is sad. We need to be sure to phone those who could be lonely, it will definitely make their day! 

Especially at this time of year...

Keep safe, take time to rest and just breathe during your Christmas/New Year break...

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  1. I do love your bunnies, and that pink dress is cute!


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