Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Tilly and the Bunny

 When Tilly joined our household in October last year, I really didn't realise what a help she would be!

She sits by me every day, as I knit and do all my other work. Her cheery smile helps the work go smoother. ☺

Last year I made another bunny! I must count up again one day to see how many I have made! This one was dressed, a very pink bunny.

Tilly enjoyed having someone new to talk to! ☺

But when it was time for the bunny to go to her new forever home, she and Tilly were quite sad. See them hug each other?

And just before the box was sealed, Tilly gave the bunny a reassuring pat.

Thanks Tilly! 😍

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  1. Very pretty bunny in her pink outfit! Love the combination of pink and grey.
    Glad Tilly is doing a good job of keeping you company and cheering you up.
    Praying for you!


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