Monday, 27 May 2019

Blanket of love

I have a bundle of nieces and nephews!

Every year, I struggle to think of a birthday present for each of them!

So I start thinking in June (or earlier), about the next year.

For the birthdays of 2019, I decided to make the nieces and nephews from one family each a blanket.

I'm talking about a "lap blanket". Just right for snuggling under during the cooler months, while reading, playing a board game, or watching something.

So, I'm going to share them over the year!

Each blanket will be made to reflect the favourite colours of each recipient. 

And each one will be made up of squares with a different pattern.

This pattern was a lovely lacey-look 😍


  1. Great job on the blanket! Love the 'lacey-look'!! ��

  2. My neice thanked me repeatedly for it! I'm thinking she likes it!!!


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