Monday, 15 October 2018

Another first

Having never made a doll, I was not really sure how it would go. 
I changed my ideas as I went, and she developed into a special little girl ☺

I can see that one could change lots of details and create a very different doll
which could be lots of fun!

This was not a complicated pattern, and I enjoyed the process (as I do most times) 
of transforming a few balls of yarn, into something very huggable! ☺

I can also make boy dolls - they could be made into varied types of boys too! 
The possibilities really are endless!

I named this little girl Magnolia - something about her colours seemed to suggest that.
She is very special too, because you may notice, she has no mouth!
I think that could be very useful in a little friend...
Someone to tell secrets to - and they never go anywhere! ☺

Next time I make a little girl, she will definitely have a longer fringe (bangs). 
But that is what is fun! 
Each time I can change something and create a very different doll!

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