Friday, 24 August 2018

Happy Friday!

It’s almost the weekend! Time to breathe deep and enjoy whatever you’ve got planned. Of course, if those plans include things like cleaning the house or laundry, I’m pleased to give you an excuse to ignore those for a few minutes while you read this post.  😊

So... anyone who’s been following my Facebook (ahem, if not, check it out!) will know that I’ve been trying out some new products lately. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with new patterns, but these days I’m branching out beyond my animal blankies and stuffed animals and dolls. My fingers have been busy knitting shawls, hats and scarves, and I’ve just listed a baby blanket for purchase! It’s a limited time offer, but I’ve extended the purchase deadline till Monday, Aug 27th.

It’s as soft and squishy and light as it looks. There’s only one available to purchase too, so pick it up before someone else does. Contact me for the cost.

Oh, and I’ve got plans for more new products, so keep an eye out! I’m brainstorming Christmas themes right now, and let’s just say that there might be a table runner in the works... Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that (or any other projects) by leaving a comment here or on Facebook

I hope your weekend is full of smiles, blessings, and happy moments. If you know anyone who would be interested in this blog, please share this with them!


  1. Have you ever thought about making slippers? There's nothing quite like a cosy pair of hand knit slippers. ��
    - Jennifer

    1. Wonder how many people would be interested, I do have a pattern....


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