Monday, 9 January 2017

Ballerina Bunny

One of the more popular bunnies has been my variation on the small bunny. I adventurously made up a pattern for skirt, and are now having fun from time to time changing the colours used to create gorgeous friends for girls...

My first was this little girl, bought as a Christmas present for Lucy! I do hope Lucy loves her little bunny! =) 

Then I was asked to make another ballerina for a 3 year old girl who LOVES ballet...

Another perfect Christmas present I hope! =)

Next I needed to give a present myself to a young girl as a going away present...

She is loved to bits, and my little friend has no chance of forgetting me ;)

I am sure there will be more ballerinas... And maybe we can do different skirts =)


  1. They're very nice, but can you make longer skirts? Also, could you make changes of clothes that are not attached to the bunny so the child could dress and undress the bunny? Just something that went through my mind!

    1. I could make longer skirts if that was what the customer wanted =) But clothes that are not attached might be a bit harder for me =) I just follow patterns most of the time! =)


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