Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The process of producing a wonderful toy

Just in case you are wondering what goes into this great job I have - turning fairly boring looking balls of yarn into something amazing, I thought I would show you....

So we start:

with yarn and needles.
 I am a little different to most and  I always, always knit with circular needles - that is knitting needles that are connected - can't lose one, and they don't stick up my sleeves! 

I have a pattern - these patterns from Lorraine at Rainebo Designs are just BRILLIANT!

I bind the pages for each pattern together with yarn - makes it easy for me to take the pattern wherever I go =) 

I have LOTS of patterns - many of which I have not made yet, so customers have a good range to chose from. And they also need to decide which colour yarn they wish to be used, and what "extras". So far there have been hearts, a scarf and overalls in that category, but in time there may be more!!!

Then I knit up the pieces:

and then comes the REALLY fun part of putting them together 

 and LOOK!!!!!

These bunnies can be varied, so here is a few takes on what I have done so far ;)

This bunny is for a little boy - and to me he IS little boy! With movable limbs, he will definitely be a treasured and loved friend =)

Next I was asked to make a princess. And with a change in her stripes, and those eyes which have appealed to many, she is a real girl's girl =)

Did you see that tail? Amazing, huh? I love to work with my customers ideas, and often they are far better than mine - this bunny had a few differences from the "original" design, but they are a real winner =)

Another customer really wanted these gorgeous overalls - but didn't like the idea of the tail being hidden, so we have abandoned the idea of overalls for HER bunny, and they are available for someone else!

Here they are being modelled on that boy bunny (seen above). I think they are real cute, but I guess I could be a bit biased.

I am really hoping that others will see the overalls and get ideas, because once I got the hang of them, they were REAL easy, and could be done in other colours and look amazing!!!


  1. so cute! love the bunnies :)

  2. You are so clever in making these, one talented lady :))

    1. Thank you! Thank you for all your encouragement!!!! =)

  3. Maybe you could leave a hole or flap in the back of the trousers for the tail. Also, I think some children would enjoy having more than one outfit for their bunny so they could dress and undress it!
    Great work! Keep it up!


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