Monday, 18 April 2016

Hippo Happiness!!!

Recently I was contacted by an expectant mother. She wanted a knitted toy for her baby boy. We discussed options, and she decided - with the help of her husband - that a hippo would be lovely.

Personally I think hippos can be really cute, so I was only too happy to oblige =)

And this hippo sure came out looking just too cute!

See for yourself!

I wonder what his name will be...

His arms just stretch out to give a hug - don't you think?


That cute heart on his foot!!! He does wear his heart where all can see it! =)

Did you spot his little tail?


Contact me, if you want something knitted but aren't quite sure what is available - I love to try new toys!


  1. Replies
    1. One of the most satisfying projects I have done in a while! He just came out SO cute! =) I wouldn't mind making another - if it was ordered ;)

  2. Love the cute little heart too :)

    1. He was cute without it, but it does give it a special touch, doesn't it? =)

  3. Glad you did include it, does make it special :))

  4. that's a great-looking hippo - congrats! (Paula)

  5. Thank you so much for this adorable little Hippo!
    He's been a much loved addition to our soft toy family. Even though hippo is for baby Finn, so far he's spent a fair amount of time being carried around by big brother Hugo.

    He especially loves the heart on his foot.

    Being able to make such a gorgeous toy like this is a skill worth rewarding, we really appreciate the effort that goes into Betsy's creations.


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