Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Betsy Hearts to Show Your Love

Some time back I found a pattern to knit a heart, and I was so happy when I knitted it, 
because it came out  
looking like a heart! 
Might sound funny, but so many of them just don't come out right! 
So you can imagine how happy I was =)

As you know hearts can be such a great way to show you love someone, whether a spouse, friend, sibling, parent, grandparent, niece, cousin, etc, etc! So I thought this might be something I could sell - and I thought I would first experiment...

I asked some precious people's favourite colours... Then knitted up these hearts....

Don't they look lovely? Plump hearts full of love! 

And then I boxed them up, with instructions on top about how they were to be treated with love and care!


I did some more, for some other precious people who live far away and I don't see very often - just so they always have that reminder that I love them =)

Those precious people couldn't pick just one favourite colour, so I made them a different colour on each side! And I think they look great!


If you just need a little something more 
- to show you love someone who is far (or close), lonely, sick (or healthy) - 
that you are thinking of them and sending them love 
maybe you would like a Betsy Heart too?


I am thinking I could make some with lavender in them too... 

Contact me, on my Facebook page, with your order!

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  1. I love these hearts - they are SO cute!!! I could imagine them on a baby mobile or in a bowl :)


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